The ending of the year is the moment when sentimental retrospective is generally accepted. To express your gratitude. And reminisce together. We are happy to participate in this. That is why we spoke with Arnold, the Marketeer of LekkerNijkerk. You know, that guy with that beard. Which still makes Sinterklaas jealous. He looks back with us on Lekker Nijkerk 2018 with his Top 5.

1. More visibility in and around the center

In 2018, Lekker Nijkerk became more visible in our center. Great to see how the brand “LekkerNijkerk” was adopted by entrepreneurs. They proudly have ‘Lekker Nijkerk’ stickers on their windows, they use the logo on menus and we also saw the brand on flyers of, for example, the Heritage Day. Because the logo is visible in the city, the brand becomes stronger and it becomes more alive.

2. Establishment of the foundation

An important event for Lekker Nijkerk was the foundation of Stichting Citymarketing Nijkerk. At the same time, we announced the arrival of Machteld as a city marketer. With this we are taking a big step to build the “LekkerNijkerk” brand with a full team.

3. Videos City full of stories

Definitely something that should be in my top 5; making the videos “City full of Stories” for the Lekker Nijkerk Facebook page. Very nice to hear all the different stories. My absolute highlight; together with the then carillonneur Freek Bakker, going into the Nijkerk tower to listen to his playing.

4. Heritage Day

Our office, we work in Nijkerk station, was also open that day. I was amazed at the number of visitors. We made a video of that day in which we visited a large part of the locations. There is so much history and stories behind all those beautiful places in Nijkerk. This makes Nijkerk attractive to all sorts of people.

5. Pop-up diner in town

My personal highlight this year. We worked with so many people to make that dinner a success. The food was delicious, the students had the time of their lives and the guests enjoyed the event visibly. The success of the pop-up dinner proves the solidarity once again in the city among entrepreneurs and companies from Nijkerk. An often heard saying: “next year again!” We couldn’t get a better compliment.

We look forward to continuing to build our beautiful city center in 2019. Because it is a nice place to live, shop and work!

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