The surroundings of Nijkerk

Nijkerk is a beautiful municipality with three centers: the historic city of Nijkerk and the villages of Hoevelaken and Nijkerkerveen. All three of them have their own character and are surrounded by a special landscape.

Do you fancy a nice day trip in the area around Nijkerk? This is possible in the field of cultural history as well as outdoor recreation! How about a city walk in the historic center of Nijkerk with a visit to Museum Nijkerk? You can enjoy the outdoors and discover the historical monuments and old warehouses that the city has. Or take a trip to Stoomgemaal Arkemheen or the visitor center in the Arkemheense polder!

Thanks to Nijkerk’s location on the edge of the Veluwe and close to open water, you can enjoy cycling and walking. In the area, kilometers of Klompenpaden have been laid out through the beautiful surroundings. Want to relax? This is possible at the recreation area Nieuw-Hulckesteijn, where you will also find the marina. You can complete the trip by spending the night in one of the hotels in Nijkerk or on a (farmers) camping site.

Water sports / swimming

Do you want to cool down or have a sporty day on the water? In the recreation area Nieuw Hulckesteijn you can swim, sunbathe and do water sports.

Water sports enthusiasts can sail to the center of Nijkerk. The Arkervaart takes 3 kilometers. It starts at Nijkerkernauw and ends in the harbor basin in the center. Water sports enthusiasts must then be articulated in the Arkersluis. In the bypass in Nijkerk there is another movable bridge that the lock keeper opens for them. Sanitary facilities have been installed in the harbor basin for water recreation. The key is available at the Arkersluis.


You can also enjoy swimming at Overbos Recreation Park. It is perhaps the most beautiful natural pool in the middle of the country. It’s the perfect location for a nice swim. You can come for a swim from May 1 to October 1, they are open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Swimming pool

Prefer to go to the pool? The Jaap van der Krol swimming pool opened its doors in May 2018! More information about this pool can be found on the website.

Also in the outer harbor (this is the part from the Nijkerkernauw to the Arkersluis) you can moor at various beautiful places.

  • The Zuidwal Marina (website
  • The fishing boat harbor Hoop op Geluk (website
  • The Vedderkade; Immediately adjacent to the recreation area Nieuw Hulckesteijn, the municipality of Nijkerk has constructed a quay where water sports enthusiasts can moor. Water sports enthusiasts can use the facilities in the Recreation Area Nieuw Hulckesteijn, such as some beautiful sandy beaches.


Do you like fishing? There are some nice fishing spots in the municipality of Nijkerk. You can fish without a fishing pass in municipal areas. Keep in mind that you must have a special form with you without a fishing pass.

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