Nijkerk aan het Water

Nijkerk aan het Water is a place where everyone can come together to enjoy the water, beach, sun and nature. There are all kinds of fun recreational opportunities here, such as boating, swimming, camping, cycling, hiking and going out for lunch or dinner! Read on and discover what you can do here.


Nijkerk aan het Water is a collaboration of the municipality of Nijkerk, LekkerNijkerk and all the entrepreneurs involved in the Nijkerk aan het Water area. This collaboration creates many great initiatives to enable as many people as possible to enjoy themselves.

What to do at Nijkerk aan het Water?

The ‘Nijkerk aan het Water’ area is in full development. You can get there from the city center by bike, or by car at the Nijkerk exit (A28). There is plenty to do. For example, you can rent a boat at Bootverhuur Nijkerk, view the marina, have a drink in Clubhuis de Zuidwal, enjoy a nice beach afternoon at Nijkerk aan Zee; have lunch and dinner at Brasserie De Vuurtoren or ‘t Strandhuys (and soon also the Sluishuis), or take a nice walk or bike ride along Polder Arkemheen. Visit the steam pumping station too, and your visit is complete. Top it off by spending the night with your camper at camper place Nijkerk aan Zee, or rent a house at Droompark Bad Hulckesteijn.

More information

For more information, please visit the website of Nijkerk aan het Water. Here you will find direct links to all the different restaurants in the area.

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