Cycling & Walking

Nijkerk is located on the Veluwe and is a true paradise for nature lovers. You can enjoy cycling and walking in Nijkerk and the surrounding area. For the sporty cyclist, there are dozens of mountainbike trails in Nijkerk and surroundings. What is your favourite way to explore the area around Nijkerk?


Whether you want to get a breath of fresh air or you want to discover the area; in Nijkerk you can enjoy hiking for sure. In addition to regular hiking trails, there are also ‘ Klompenpaden’ (the literal translation of Klompenpaden is Wooden Shoe Paths). These are walking routes through the countryside, over unpaved paths and forgotten shortcuts.

The ‘Klompenpaden’ within Nijkerk are at the Kruishaarderpad and the Appelpad. These, and many other Klompenpaden on the Veluwe, have been constructed with the aim of increasing the accessibility of the cultural landscape. You can find information about these routes in Nijkerk on


Nijkerk is located on the Veluwe. This area is a paradise for cycling lovers, because of the beautiful (endless) nature and cozy surrounding villages and cities. Discover the area cycling through the woods, along moors, fens and dams. The Veluwe might be the most beautiful cycling area of The Netherlands. There is a cycling network (fietsknooppuntennetwerk) down, to making it easy to choose and follow a route. On the website you can find different cycling routes along and through Nijkerk. Use the link

Mountain biking

The sporty cyclist who likes a challenge can indulge in Nijkerk and its surroundings. There are dozens of mountain bike trails for different levels in the area. Whether you want to pedal for miles or improve your technique, there is plenty of variety! Find inspiration for mountain biking routes along Nijkerk

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