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lunchen bij Alberto's Nijkerk

6x having a lunch in Nijkerk!

Summer holidays are almost there, the evenings are longer and the terraces are open again! So, it’s time to have lunch with your friends, family or neighbors to catch up in the sun, on a patio. All of these delicious options can be a bit stressful, so below you find my favourite places (in random order) to have a nice lunch. From club sandwiches to salads, from soups to pokebowls: there’s something for everyone!

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Nijkerk aan het water

The most beautiful hiking trails and photo locations in Nijkerk!

As a citizen of Nijkerk, I know how nice and pretty this town is. But what makes Nijkerk that beautiful? What are recommendations for hiking and where can you find the most beautiful photo locations? Read this article to discover the most beautiful locations in Nijkerk.

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Lekker Niekarks dialect

Lekker Niekarks

Are you from Nijkerk? Then you must have heard people talking Niekarks for sure. What words do citizens of Nijkerk like best – so, what is: Lekker Niekarks? Recently we posted a call on our Facebook and Instagram page. On this page, you will find the most funny, nicest and the most commonly used words from the dialect of Nijkerk. We also provide an explanation, so if you still have to master ‘Niekarks’, you’ve come to the right place!

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Nijkerk schittert met de mooiste toren van Nederland

Nijkerk shines during the holidays!

Time has flown by: the Christmas holidays are (unfortunately) almost over. Today it’s the last day you can skate on the ice rink. One thing is certain now the holidays are over: during winter, Nijkerk shines. In this blog, you can read about various cool events and activities that were organized this winter.

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Start of summer season city walks

The summer season of Nijkerk’s city walks is starting again. A city walk starts every Wednesday afternoon from Museum Nijkerk (Venestraat 16, Nijkerk), from Wednesday 29 May to mid-September 2019.

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City Guide by

Travelrumors wrote a very nice article about Nijkerk. Do you want to know what you can do in 24 hours in Nijkerk? Then read the entire blog!

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Smaakfestival 2019

Last weekend, we finally celebrated SMAAK Festival Nijkerk for the first time. It’s a new festival and it’s all about good food and nice music. It was an amazing party!

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Lekker Nijkerk in the local media

Have you read ‘De Stad Nijkerk’ already? Last week we told something about ‘Lekker Nijkerk, Stad vol Smaak’ in the special supplement ‘The Entrepreneur Tells’. This supplement was not only published in Nijkerk, but was also found in local newspapers in the region.

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The Booqi’s are back!

You may have already seen them, because they are spread throughout Nijkerk: the Booqi of Lekker Nijkerk. For example you can find them in the library, the Town Hall and in different hotels and campsites in the area.

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Having a nice breakfast in Nijkerk

Early birds with a grunting stomach can enjoy delicious breakfasts in various places in Nijkerk. From a ‘hangover breakfast’ to dozens of sweets and liters of tea. We have listed the options for you, so you can quickly choose.

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Shop a Christmas outfit!

Finally, your closet is full with pretty dresses. But, you haven’t found an opportunity to wear your new fancy clothes. Yet… During the holidays, nothing is more fun than to shop a new fresh outfit!

We went shopping for you in the city center of Nijkerk and discovered the clothing trends for the upcoming holidays. What is your favourite?

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Finding gifts under 15 euros in Nijkerk

Buying presents remains difficult. And especially if you have to buy the presents for a small price. We show you that you don’t have to be a shopping master to find nice gifts under 15 euros. Come shopping in the city center of Nijkerk and discover the best items to give as a gift. Perfect, when you’re searching something original last-minute.

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Shopping in Nijkerk: Black Friday

Stock-up on Sinterklaas- and Christmas gifts and complete your winter wardrobe, because on November 23 it is Black Friday, also in Nijkerk! During this day, different stores in Nijkerk surprise you with discounts and lots of extras. Are you coming in the afternoon? Then you can get fresh vegetables, flowers or some cheese at the weekly market!

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